Saturday, December 31, 2011

cats & art

This is Jeff's xmas painting at 6 hours progress. I cant do any more to it till it dries, which for oils can take awhile. But then I'll add the light from the lantern and the glow/shadows on everything. sorry the pic is a bit dark I had to turn flash off cuz the paint is too shiny when wet

THESE are the king/queen of the house lol. Deisel is the gray tabby siamese mix and is 1 year old and Jasmin is the tortoiseshell/calico siamese mix and is 10. Both were bottle baby projects and came from different farms. Everyone thinks Deisel is more of a raccoon cuz he is huge and has a poofy striped tail, currently he's 16lbs and it's not all hair! And Jasmin may be smaller but no contest she's in charge!


Susan said...

WOW! Just WOW. I am in awe of people that can paint.

MysteryKnitter said...

Awww, those cats! Those cats! They melt my heart.