Sunday, January 1, 2012


So far it's been Guilt-Free January all the way!!
The last start of 2011 was "2 Crowns" by HAED, it is on 25 ct 'baby lotion' lugana. I wanted this particular project to close the year for me so I'd been saving it for New Year's eve, and it was the first thing I worked on when I woke up so it was also the first project of the year. In a few days when there's more to show I'll take a pic.

The first new start for 2012 was the "QS Lovers" featured in the HAED 2012 SAL. Mine is on 18ct davosa, not sure of the color but it's a pale blue, using full cross and 2 strands. I started this one in the center so currently it's a gray blob. I've set it aside for now to work more on 2Crowns but wanted its starting date to be today lol.
January for me is a free-for-all of starting projects, I feel absolutely no guilt starting them anyway so it's perfect for me. Among the Jan line-up are HAEDs "Nocturne," and "Lost Melody," and whatever else yells. I havent made a goal thing for 2012 except the HAED SAL, since my stitchy time goes in phases anyway and I just want to enjoy it for what it is. Jan is also "organization month" so I haveta get on board with that for the stitching stuff too.


Valentina said...

Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Happy New Year! :)

Joysze said...

Happy New Year, Kate! Any pics of the starts? ;)

Mangogirl said...

happy new year and good luck with stitching.