Sunday, December 18, 2011

New starts, big plans and

Progress is happening. Somwhere in my travels I lost my camera battery charger, dang it, but I went and ordered a new one, hopefully it comes this week in time for xmas! Then I promise some pics finally!
The HAED adventure is going along wonderfully. Now there are several on the go- "Winter Wings," "Echos of Autumn," "Peacock & Doves" on 25ct and Mini "Gypsy Firefly" on 18ct. I really like how they work up, truly this is what I've been waiting for as far as works of art. Not that the other projects arent beautiful, lol I wouldnt waste my time if I didnt think so, but these are a whole 'nother level- yet are so simple. More bang for your buck if you ask me. I'm still working out a storage solution for them, but what I'm finding super easy is each project's floss stays in a gallon ziplock, I dont bobbin it or anything. And all the projects have thier own 2gallon ziplock to hold the fabric. I put all the fabrics into a scrapbooking case along with a folder of working copies, the cheapo magnifyer lol, embroidery hoops and nessessity bag. So it's good to go for whatever one I feel like working on. I havent used hoops in years, and never for xstitch, but since it has to come off it's easy to switch projects with them.
Next year I will haveta figure out a rotation cuz of them, the Chatelaines, Miras and my LLCeltics will all be yelping for attention!