Friday, December 9, 2011

An update

Well, I've had 2 days to play with the HAEDs on different fabric...
While I love doing tent stitch with 2 strands on 25 ct (boy is that fast!) it gave me a headache and I had to quit! Yesterday when i tried again there was frogging to do so that was discouraging. However, I dont have a light nor a magnifyer so I'm sure that's a huge factor & it's top of my list to get one now lol. So I havent given up on the 25ct just yet, but Echos of Autumn is gonna haveta be on standby.
The 18ct Davosa is wonderful to work with, using 2 strands and doing full crosses. Gypsy Firefly Mini is on this and so far working on tree and sky, but I'm loving how this one is easy to manage.
I also got some 20ct Valerie fabric for Fairy Ball, and in the end decided to use tent stitch in 3 strands. This is probably gonna eat up alot of floss lol, but I love how fast tenting works up. I dont plan on doing all the background to the right of the fairy anyway.
For gridding I used a soluble quilting pen and just dotted the intersections so i could get stitching. And Echos was already started when I gridded hence the frogging discovery. So in light of that I'll be gridding HAEDs from now on lol....

Pics to follow soon as I have any progress to show


Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics and how you get on.

Agi said...

I never do gridding except HAED, but with them it is an absolute must. Even with gridding I tend to make mistakes, but fortunately I recognise them quickly. Since I am in my first HAED, I wrote 2 posts about my experiences, you can check my blog for them!