Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011, what a year!

What a crazy year as far as stitching goes! Now the year is coming to an end and looking back it's been a journey. Losing dear freind & stitching buddy Kirsten was/is a hard hurdle to deal with and stitching mojo was gone. It took awhile to realise she'd probably whip me with floss to see that happening so it was time to expand the stitching horizon, and do the projects we'd talked alot about but never got around to.
For starters I finally jumped onto the Chatelaine bandwagon, and am lucky enuf to have several on the go. It was also the first time I'd ever done a Mystery or even an online Chatelaine class. However, I have yet to keep up with one lol! I take awhile to kit those blingy monsters up and fall behind! But it's all good lol. In 2012 I'll be doing the Deep Sea Mystery and who knows what others Martina will bless us with.
I also bit the bullet as regards HAEDs. I've had 2 charts for several years, gifted from Kirsten actually, but hadnt kitted them. Doing my LLCeltics skin over 1 on 28ct had cured me of wanting to do anymore over 1. But the HAED look won me over and after some fabric research on that bb and testing some fabrics & techniques for myself I am a happy camper. I'm sure once I get an Ott & magnifyer it'll be even better, (and my over-1 skin on 32ct Rose Celebration & Midsummer Night Fairy would benefit too so I could finish them.)Now my mission is to collect HAEDs,which is impossible cuz they're like potato chips!
So that's some major "stitchyness" for one year...


Joysze said...

I'm sorry about Kirsten's loss, Kate. (((HUGS)))

Wait a minute, all these mention of Chats and not one picture? You tease. ;)

Kate said...

I've been trying to hunt my camera battery charger down lol