Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guilt-free January... nearly over! I plan to get caught up on my plans for it today and this weekend. On deck are HAEDs "Nocturne" by Dahlig and "Forgotten Melody" by Thomas, one of which will be started today. I also plan to go thru stash and see what calls to me.
HAED is also having their Valentines sale and what temptation! I plan to get some Oriental charts and I've been thinking of doing a 'fun' HAED as most of my choices are rather 'serious' and the Faces of Fairy and the Kuiks look so cute so I'll havta look into how they are to deal with. The eyes are so pretty on the Fairy Faces that it's hard to choose lol.


Susan said...

Ohhhh, stash shopping? I love stash shopping - until I feel guilty for forgetting this or that amazing piece... Have a great weekend.