Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabulous February is here

I couldnt think of a fun nickname or theme for Feb lol, Guilt-Free January was the only one I paid attention to, though I think there was a Mirabilia May way back when. So here's a bouquet of roses from my garden, from me to you for Valentines :)

But to recap, my GFJ starts were HAEDs "QS Lovers", "Gloaming", and "Nocturne". So it was a BAP theme too lol. But with those on the go and others waiting, it looks to be a very pretty stitchy 2012. I've ordered some patterns for ''smalls" and hopefully will order some more HAEDs before the sale is done. I do love smalls but outside the Nessessaire and the Chatelaine ones I dont have any others. So it's been fun to cruise the net to see what's out there. On Bikegirl's blog she had posted a book of the coolest little set, designed to look like an english cottage and it is too lovely to resist! So I didnt! It reminds me of Jane Austen of whom I'm a huge fan, in particular the little cottage in Sense & Sensiblity. I just wish there were some ladies in the set but maybe I can figure something out to that affect... Or maybe there is already & I just havent seen it yet. 2012 is to be the year I broaden my horizions in the stitching and try new things and new styles and designers I've admired but never attempted. And so far it's been wonderful getting the mojo back.


Joysze said...

Gorgeous, Kate!!! I wish I had smellovision. :)

Kate said...

Lol, they're from last summer, right now it's covered with snow.

nikkin said...

So glad you took the plunge and started your HAED's! All your projects are so beautiful, just like your's hoping for an early spring!


Linda said...

I'm the same to surf and see what is all out there.."window shopping online" lol
But today I think I will actually order some stuff.

Roses are just lovely Kate!
Happy stitching :)

Kate said...

Thanks for the kind comments! OOOoo, whatcha gonna order Linda?