Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Monday

weekends are never long enuf are they! I did have a stitchy weekend, and actually started and finished a fun little project that will soon arrive at its new home and hopefully make a smile. Now after that I've been thinking alot about the HAEDs again, only I havent gotten any out to work on. There's so much I haveta do and so little time to cram it all in- that I'd love to hideaway and put it off till I get some lazy accomplished! My stitchy stuff is in limbo, and in the process of finding a place to store it since I'll be needing the craft table for something else. My craft table is actually the kitchen island we used to have, but it works great for scrapbooking and everything else. However, its going to be needed for somthing bigger still, so needs to be moved out to be used for the trophy shop. And maybe I can find something better for a craft station down the road when I'm just rolling in the dough lol. Havta look at the positive right? So that's my goal for next weekend, in the meantime I wont be getting much stitching done but lots of planning. It's scary starting a new buisness but so exciting!