Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charlie Brown kind of day

Ugh, ever have one of those? Where things just stack against you?
Well, yesterday I went and got a Daylight lamp/magnifyer from my lns, after several years of wishing I decided to just save and get it before I leave the workforce cuz stash buying will be sparce after that. I got it all arranged and was too tired to use it last nite but had big plans for tonite when everything settles down. With all the stress and chaos of this week it was to be my sanity saver! Well the Daylight quit after an hour! I have no idea if it's the bulb or what cuz it got hot and then sputtered out. I could just spit nails! It was so perfect and I could breeze thru the HAEDs like anything. No more cheapo Wallyworld one that went around my neck and still needed a light, this was the creme de creme and didnt make my eyes all blurry. So I'll havta pack it up and exchange it, which isnt the end of the world but geez, talk about a diappointment! And only other stitchers would 'get' that!
Before I lost the light I had made some great progress on "Winter Wings" HAED and had just started a new one, "Skiyu Purple Robe" by Mystic Stitch, doing over-one on 28ct Mississippi Blue Cashel, so as to eliminate stitching all the background. I've never done a Mystic Stitch before but I've been searching for years for the perfect geishas and they have them. I love the styles and faces of the Meikejohn geishas so have started this one. Only they are HUGE (25 x37" on 28 ct!) And since I would like to do the set I need wall space to fit them all, so I'll do a couple on 28ct over one to shrink them and see how it turns out. I may do "Koi" over 2 but not sure and not gonna worry about it at the moment. I also love the Maia geishas like "Hein" and "Yoi with Blossoms". etc, but at $70 a kit, with aida yet too, I just keep hoping the charts will get released.
Since I haveta work tomorrow I'll take the lamp along and hopefully get to the lns before it closes when work is done. Always something! So maybe tomorrow I will have some progress to show...


Susan said...

How disappointing about the light. I hope you can get it replaced quickly. I recently bought a lighted magnifier and know what you mean about the right tools making your stitching more enjoyable.

Joysze said...

DOH!!!!! Did you get your bulb replaced? :(

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad for you. I get your frustration. What if I told you that kind of stuff (just when I have planned a perfect day or evening for myself, someone comes and interrupts) happens to me every month, if not every week?