Monday, June 11, 2012

dry spell is over

Yesterday, due to it being so hot, we actually took a day off to just sit around and be lazy! Up till now it's been chaos with switching from job to getting things ready to start my own buisness, getting the farm jobs caught up on, and getting the show animals ready. All last week it was fencing pasture and there's still miles to go, or feels like, and I'm getting quite good at managing it to where I can work solo now. (I've never installed this kind of fence before). So having a whole day to do whatever I wanted was pure bliss and I didnt waste any of it lol!
 So I worked a bit on the Nessessaire and got the rest of the pieces mapped out so it's just a matter of filling them in, then I can take that linen off the scrolls and put the 'panels' linen back on to finish them. I also gridded fabric for HAEDs "Dark Angel" and "Fallen Angel" by Laura Prindle and was going to start one of them but it was too hot working under the maglight and that is so nessassary!
And to top things off I started "Yoi With Blossoms" by Maia,only I swapped the aida for 28ct Chai Tea jobelan, her colors just glow on this fabric and it kinda looks like old rice paper which is the look I was going for. I will take pics when she's a bit more than a yellow blob lol. I plan to do her skin over one, and her sister "Hein"arrived on my doorstep  today - she's my fav of the set and luckily found them both on sale otherwise they couldnt live with me lol.
 My new HAEDs arrived as well, "Madama Butterfly" by Kinuko Studios, "Portrait of Ophelia" by Beckett-Griffeth, "Fairy 2" by Nadia Strelkina, "Emerald City" by Roberts, and "The Race" by Wall. Hard to say who will be the next start of them, but I cant wait to get into them! Nothing like a stash fix to jump start some progress!
 I also started missing my Chatelaines but havent gone thru thier box yet. That will be a reward I think for making significant progress on Yoi and Nessi... Pics to come soon, this week promises to be crazy!


megan_bright said...

That's a lot of projects you've got going!! Good luck with fencing as well as stitching!

Susan said...

Glad you had some "you" time. You have some really neat projects started.