Tuesday, June 26, 2012

something's gotta give

..something's gotta give lol. Yes life is still topsy turvy round here, and it's been a roller coaster/ crazy-go-round, but I actually have some stitchy progress. This is a big deal lol, it's been forever since I could say that. The wips that have captured my attention are "Yoi with Blossoms" and "Hein" both Geishas by Maia. Now 2 things about these girls- first Hein gets rid of her awful name- Im sure whatever it is in Japanese is probably a pretty meaning, but around here  it sounds way too much like "heiny" and the last thing I wanna think about is butts when Im working on her! So henceforth she is "Kumiyo" after a freind of a freind. The other thing is I had forgotten what a pain multicolored charts are to work with, ugh, so they are slow going for that reason cuz I'm in an area where the symbols are the same color and lots of fractionals. But I'll get thru it since they are so vibrant in real life. It is sposed to reach the 90's or higher this wk so I should get some progress on them once it's too hot to work outdoors. I really miss the HAEDs but it's too warm under the magnifyer light so they'll havta be patient, we just have ac in the bedrooms and since ours is small I cant put the stitchy homebase in there cuz there isnt space for it. Porta projects only lol. But without futher ado, here is Kumiyo, (black and white blob) on 28 ct "Goldspinner" lugana  and Yoi (gold blob) is on 28ct "Chai Tea" Jobelan. They have such pretty wardrobes I think.


Melissa said...

I love that you renamed the pattern!

Great start on both of them, and I look forward to seeing more :)

Susan said...

Beautiful "blobs". Looking forward to watching your progress on them.

Kate said...

Thank you :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Pretty colors.