Tuesday, July 3, 2012

having a heatwave

yes we're havin a heatwave! Needless to say the last 2 days have been brutal with heat index at 105* and humidity at 85%- blech- so the only concern is water and shade for the outside animals and not doing much of anything. We badly need rain, the crops are starting to wither and corn should not look like agave or aloe plants! We have rather rich ground but even our corn is starting to spike cuz there's been no rain for so long. Today lookeds hopeful we might get rain but sadly no, those clouds got sizzled away too. At least it was a break from the last week of heat, but the temp climbed right back up.
 But hiding in the ac has paid off, my LL Celtic "Beltane" has seen major progress and a few more sessions like that could see her finished. Her skirt and cape are nearly done and once those are, there's just a bit of border and the rest of the beading. I would like to see her thru to the end so I can use the big Qsnaps for something else, so no sense taking her off till she's done. I would like to put my "Ireland" version of the LL Celtic on the big Qs cuz the movie Brave has got me in a Celtic mood lol, though I havent seen it yet I know I'll love it, and that is one huge wip & on linen too so I dont want it wrinkled. But maybe by the time Beltane is done the mood will have passed lol. Pics tomoro I promise!


Susan said...

I hear you on the heat. Fortunately, we don't have outside animals or crops to worry about, but trying to do anything outside has been uncomfortable to say the least. Glad you've been able to get some stitching done. I'm intrigued by the Ireland version you mentioned.

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad for you. The heat is why. I know how much it may bother.