Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello again! This is Earth right?

Seems to look like familiar territory anyway lol. My apologies for not having kept at the blogging better, it has been a whirlwind the last 6 months. For starters, I resigned my job in a nursing home to take over helping on the family farm. Leaving there was a diffacult decision but family comes first. So training my replacement took some time in the spring, as well as training me for the new role that I'm now in- which is alot of work by the way! So all summer it's been chaos as a farmgirl but there are benefits- no need to pay gym fees. I have my own suana and it's totally eco-freindly/green if you will. No more wishing I could step out for a breath of fresh air. Plus me being around has been a big help cuz I can take care of things as they happen rather than find a mess when I get home. The last 3 weeks I've been rehabbing Dusty (my arabian horse) who got his leg mangled in a fence the cows broke and we didnt know about. Luckily he hadnt been there long but he fought it enuf to do damage. He is now walking on it and it's healing but it's been an ordeal. If I had still been working in town I know it wouldnt look as improved as it does now cuz I wouldnt have been able to dedicate the time it needs. He has been an awesome patient though, and if he winds up with a scar it'll only serve as a reminder of how intelligent he's been thru this whole ordeal. My fil is also recovering from heart surgery and hopefully he's back to his old self shortly- he's got alot of lost time to catch up on from when he didnt feel the greatest so I'm sure he's anxious to get started on that lol. Old farmers never retire you know but Im sure he's enjoyed bossing me around lol.
 I also got the boys' rooms made-over, as that had been a long-standing promise that I'd go all out once I quit working in town. So they chose thier themes and the paint went flying- one has a Galaxy/ Star wars theme and the other has Africa, with murals and the whole bit. Now that promises are kept and nobody has to worry how chores will get done I can get caught up on being creative for me. They are each to get an oil painting for thier rooms but I'm thinking later in the winter is when I usually dig those out so it can wait a bit.
  With all that hoopla lately, no suprise that not a single stitch has happened! But I did catch a HAED sale a few weeks ago, but that's the only stitchy fix. I havent been online much either to see what others are doing. But with the coming of winter things get quieter on the farm so I am very hopeful I'll have more time than ever now to get creative. And I have 3 goals in mind- the art, the stitching, and the music. I have alot of lost time to make up for in those depts as well!
  I didnt get to my lns on the first day of school, as my long-standing tradition mandates I do, so next wk a stitchy pal & I are gonna get caught up on that, and I cant wait. Im guessing there's a ton of new releases I dont even know about yet- in fact my next web stop is Mirabilia to see what Nora's been up to, and then Martina at Chatelaines- and at some point before then I need to go thru what stash I have and see what looks like fun to start. Bwa hah hah! how I've missed the Mira's, Chatelaines, HAEDs and my Geisha girls long in exile! And even more all the blogging others do for thier stitching cuz I get inspired that way! All that missing out on stuff needs to change!  :)
 So the worst is behind us now and the road looks fun ahead


Xeihua (Sara) said...

Welcome back to the blogging world :D I hope you can finally find some stitching time for yourself :) Hugs,

Joysze said...

Welcome back, Kate!!! You've been missed. :)

Glad to catch up and read that all is well and things have settled down and are looking up.

Now.... don't forget to take pics of your paintings. ;)


Bikegirl said...

YAY! I was hoping you hadn't left us for good! Hope Dusty is doing well and you get back into your stitching soon :)

Thutmosis Rose said...

I'm so glad you're back! I love reading your blog and hope you can get back to your stitching soon.

Kate said...

Thank guys! Stitchers are the best