Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let it snow?

We had our first snow this morning and it was rather pretty- while it lasted. By noon it had turned to slush and rain and that cold wet November vibe. Ugh, what's a stitchy kowgirl to do you might ask? Well after tucking in all the critters in thier cozy barns, piling up the hay and bedding.., what else is there left to do? Winter is pretty much here as far as Im concerned so it's time to get stitchy! Im talking cozy fires, funky socks, warm quilts and just hibernating for a few months till Ol Man Winter is sick of us and moves on.
 And to kick off the season I had a bit of fun at the HAED sale Michelle just had so hopefully those charts come this week, Im sure she was swamped with orders from fellow addicts lol. My main purchase was Eternal Promise- I had wanted the origonal and never got around to it, to finding it was no longer available unless I traded an arm or leg for it, and then by some miracle it got released again. That taught me never to pass up charts and I havent since!! But now it's coming and how exciting. It will be one of my starts for this winter. Thinking more about it I wish Nene Thomas would do a LOTR themed HAED, the fashions & faces would be breathtaking Im sure. What can I say, she's still my fav. My LL Celtic Beltane version is creeping towards a finish, next chance I get at her I'll map out the rest of the beads since I add extras on the motifs. I really wanna work on Ireland but Bel is hogging my big Qsnaps and who knows when she'd get done if I took her off them! So since Disney's Brave comes out in a couple weeks maybe I could push and get Ireland back on the go for it. (Yes I know Brave is Scotland lol, but my girl has red hair and a green dress and a horse- now I cant help but think of that movie!)
 Violin has been going very well NOW, a couple bumps in the road and some wasted $ on someone's bad advice, but now Im with a respected teacher who spends thier time teaching instead of trying to sabotage thier students so they'll look better. Lesson learned that there may be people who can play well but knowing something and teaching it are 2 different things, and as a "teacher" you dont purposely set someone up to fail so you yourself look better while taking thier $ and then brag about it to others- word gets around! But now the violins have awakened and there's music happening again- I used to joke that they sat around in thier little coffins- and there's talk of some music stuff for xmas which would be fantastic...
Tomorrow promises to be a lazy day so I will get crackin at Beltane & get some new pics up!


MysteryKnitter said...

You have a lot going on.