Friday, January 24, 2014

Polar Vortex

It used to be that I didnt really mind winter. Yes it was cold and gray and snowy but I actually looked forward to it cuz it meant I could stay indoors and paint or stitch or whatever. Now it's been like living in the tundra for so long that everything is slowed down for having to deal with it. Colder temps mean more work thawing water pipes and tanks for the animals, and extra feed and bedding to keep em all warm. Lots of snow, Lord so much snow, means extra headache having to move it in order to get anywhere! Today the driveway  to the barn was so drifted so bad I had to ask a neighbor to help as he has a loader tractor whose tires are taller than me! He made short work of it lol, and he clears the little town we live near so I was lucky to catch him before he went off to do that. The polar vortex threatens to stay a bit longer too, what I wouldnt give for above zero temps! And double digit temps even!
But tonite I have declared it to be stitchy Friday and Im just gonna hobbit away with a movie the guys wont like- chick flick!- and stitch in peace. I have no idea what project though, and it wont matter cuz just stitching anything will be wonderful!


Katie said...

It's been very cold here in Indiana too. Going to get even colder through Wednesday. Tuesday we aren't even going to make it above zero. It's crazy but you won't hear me complain cause I hate the heat in the summer haha.

MysteryKnitter said...

It's been cold in Finland too. But now it has been very mellow.