Monday, January 27, 2014

January is nearly over..

.. so to recap, the new starts for 2014 have been so far, "Percephony"and "Adia" by Mirabila, and a large design of my own (King Cedric of the North), and considering I didnt have much time for stitching till after xmas was over that's pretty epic for me lol. Now the last few days Ive been working on a Chatelaine thanks to Joyze's motivation of her plans to make a SAL. I love Chatelaines, the fibers and beads, the genious of the designs, and the specialty stitches that are put to use in so many wonderful ways, beyond just a band sampler. What I dont like is the price of the materials though, and so I compromise by not getting the solid silks for them & using dmc instead. This one is Swan Lake mandela, also on the go are Persian Iris and Egyptian mandelas. I've heard the gold in the center medallion of SL is the worst part so I wanna get that out of my hair, so far it just seems to be normal cross stitches & quarter stitches so I havent run into the ick of it lol, and maybe that's all there is to it. I really wanna get to a swan but those are miles away yet!
Im hoping this year to add in a few more Chats, as so many are tempting, but Ive narrowed it down to Seregeti (my son Luke has a thing for Africa so he would love it), Octopus Garden, and Fairy Flower Garden. But since I kit slowly I'll be happy to add one in! The weather has been frightful the last 2 days, full on blizzard and tomorrow yet too, so here's hoping the farm stays intact so I can curl up with some stitchin ;) . Thanks for stopping by!


Katie said...

They are beautiful just not my taste. I wish you lots of luck with yours.

The weather here in Indiana has been horrible too. We had 40mph winds all night last night. We have HUGE snow drifts all around our house. Perfect reason to stay inside and stitch to me haha.

Joysze said...

Kate, Kate, Kate!!!!!!!!! Your Chatelaine looks so awesome already! L.O.V.E.!

~Narita said...

Wow, you're a quick stitcher! Chatelaines are awesome. And they are not so difficult at all. I've done... hmmmm many of them! (at least 7 big ones) I know the silks are pricey, but worth it. (sometimes the DMC color just can't match the silk) and the hand dyed, well those are a for sure must.
I just rationalized that if I was going to spend all that time stitching one, I better use the rec. fibers or I might be disappointed.

I love swans. I was considering doing that one and I would have if she would have put crowns and pretty gold necklaces, etc. on their necks. (Think: King Lir's Son's, Irish fairytale)

Susan said...

Beautiful start. I've done Chats with both the called for fibers and with Martina's DMC conversion and love them both equally. I figure nobody is going to know that I didn't use the "correct" fibers unless they put my piece next to one that was done with them and that's not likely to happen. Besides it gives me more $$ to spend on more Chats!!

MysteryKnitter said...

How pretty! The weather is milder now, but who knows, what the future has in store weatherwise.