Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fab Feb

I havent been stitching much the last few days, we are in lambing season which means long days of regular chores and late nites of checking ewes. Hubs does the checking during the nite, but I havta get up as well to feed an orphan bottle lamb. It's like having a newborn human baby cuz the schedules are the same! Yawn! And in 2 weeks calving season starts- never a dull moment on a farm!
   But I do get a few minutes here and there, and have been working on Swan Lake still. The gold part of the medallion is taking longer than I thought! But I love it and here's a pic of my meager-but-hard-won progress.
   Feb is a month-long SAL on facebook  for Lavender & Lace designs, so Im getting out my Celtic Ladies again. No idea which to work on, but Ive missed working on all of em so any is fine with me.
So I made a bigger WIP box and put all my qsnaps in it for easy access to whatever project is in there. And what's in there is Middy, Arwen/Aragorn, My Lady's Garden, Titania; My Cedric design; and Swan Lake and Persian Iris Garden. It slides under the bed so isnt on display or being tripped over when I cant work on em, which I like. I plan to switch out Titania for one of the Celtic Ladies, though technically Arwen/Aragorn count cuz she is LL based.
Tonite the Super bowl guarantees me a peaceful eveing with my wips cuz the guys will be watching tv and nothing else. BBQ ribs for supper and some snacks if they need em and I can hobbit away my room with threads and soft music and no distractions....


Katie said...

Aw it would be so cute to be around all those baby animals. I would be in love haha. Glad you are finding time to stitch though. Your WIP looks very nice.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

It definitely sounds like it's busy mad for you at the moment so big cong to you for finding the time to stitch and what a lovely progress you have :D

Susan said...

Glad you're finding some time to get some stitches in. I remember my Grandmother bottle feeding the orphan/rejected lambs - she kept them in the woodshed as it was attached to the house and easier for her to keep up with them and the chores. Sometimes when she went out the "shed cats" would be curled up with them.

MysteryKnitter said...

You sure have a busy future! But I am glad you have time for stitching too.