Monday, February 10, 2014


Yesterday was by far the best stitchy day in a long time! A couple weeks ago Middy came off the scroll bars and onto a Qsnap, so more familar territory there as I dont really care for these scroll bars. They're just the cheapos one can get at Walmart or anywhere, so thier tension is something to be desired but I like how they keep linen wrinkle free, so I hang onto them cuz I like linen for certain projects. But since an empty frame is unheard of in this house lol, I put the Nessessaire by Judy Odell back on it, and after a week of progress it's rather an addictive one! 2 front panels, the middle panel, and the needle cover are all that's left, and they're not big, plus the geometry of it makes it fast. Since yesterday all the green is done in what's pictured, but the camera is charging now. So it's nice to have that going again but my thoughts are already about what's next. I havent had a chance to dig thru and see what the Chats need, as they are all in various stages of kitting up. And a package arrived with the rest of my dear friend Kirsten's UFOs in it, so I wanna get one of those on a Qsnap and devote some time there.  What's weird is I had sent these over as gifts for her only now they're back here and she's passed on, so they're even more a treasure now, as these were the last projects she ever held and we discussed. So it's rather bittersweet cuz I can remember the conversations about them. And since finishing was always her thing, I better see it through ;).
 Autumn Queen on a Sugar Maple fabric
Spring Queen on a periwinkle Country Stitch fabric
Summer Queen 1 on a pink Country Stitch fabric

Summer Queen 2 on a rainbow fabric, unknown
Lady of the Mist on a rainbow fabric, unknown
Fairy Roses on a pale mint fabric, unknown


Katie said...

Gorgeous work. What a sweet memory to have of your friend. I wish you lots of luck with each stitch.

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sad that she passed, but I am glad you have your beautiful memories left. I believe you will make those WIPs gorgeous FOs.

Kate said...

Thank you! (hugs!)

Brigitte said...

Such great projects you are working on.

Faith... said...

Nessessaire is beautiful!

Unknown said...
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Calina des Féériques said...

Beautiful memories !