Saturday, February 28, 2015

March means Celtics!

Scotland conversion by Kate Frederick, based on MLI's Celtic Autumn

and Ireland conversion by Kate Frederick, based on MLI's Celtic Autumn.

Forgive the time set on the pics, lol somebody was messing with camera buttons :/ . But per my own tradition, March means Celtics and since last year was so sparse, hopefully this year will be better results! These 2 conversions will be the focus and I spent this evening getting them all set to go, Scotland on the Mega-scrolls and Ireland still fits on big Qsnaps, and no set goal per-say, only that they just get some attention. I do miss working on the Celtics.... all the beads and bling, and triple that with these conversions lol.
 Chatelaines have been wonderful, Persian has the palace started and the blues are so rich! It remains on the Qs as well. I nearly started Greek but am gonna hold off just a bit. Strange I know, but I have some other fibers coming for some other Chats too, and so I'll wait for a rainy day when such opulence would bring some sparkle to an otherwise dreary day ;).
 Things are slowing down with lambing and farming in general, the cattle havent started yet with calving so Im hoping to get some good progress while I can.....


Patricia Boardman said...

Very pretty! I haven't stitched any of the Celtic lady patterns yet, but I hope to one day.

Bea said...

They are lovely. Hope you get some really good stitching time.