Saturday, February 14, 2015

stitchy twitchy

Is a real thing, sorta like ADD, only in a stitchy way. How it's gotten ahold of me is with so much going on now (Our sheep are lambing, so sleepless nights and several bottle-lambs to care for already- fun but alot of work! We start calving in 2 weeks, and all kinds of mayhem to deal with in the hog dept and myself being sick, but I digress) that when I get to sit, my mind cant settle or it totally zones out! This will not do! Middy has a few beads added but nothing to brag about, her fabric makes her a pain to deal with really so she can wait again. What has been worked on is this

and it is the Mary Wigham Wardrobe by Judy Odell. No color changes and a simplistic design seem to be what the dr ordered lol. However, I feel the need for a new start and yet just cant get into it, even when diggin through the stash. Seriously, what is the problem! Tomorrow being Sunday I just may hibernate away and let the guys deal with chores..... ;)  Maybe that will be all I need to spur some thread progress along.....


Bea said...

Life is such a nuisance at times! LOL
Love the Judy Odell pattern and the thread colour.