Friday, June 5, 2015

restless again

after some considerable thought, I think Ive stumbled upon why it's hard for me to make as much progress as I used to. There is no proper niche to stitch. I do my best work at a table where I can have the chart and tools , and a surface to rest the top of the Qsnaps. And a good strong light! I had all this at the old house, BUT there is no way I'd trade houses now lol.
 So I have to figure it out in the limited space I have, where best to create a niche. The antique easychair in the corner of the bedroom is ok, but not a good fit for the stand or to hold a frame myself. I cant sit in it very long because it makes my back tired. So I need to change this and get my stitch niche back! Ive tried everything to make that chair work but it's such a pain I usually avoid the hassle of dealing with it.

 Update! I spent yesterday afternoon rearranging furniture and hopefully this works better...
the table is an antique too, and has marble wheels so I can easily move it if needed, the chair is an antique one with a cane seat, the match to it lives at a similar antique table with my writing slope, and they dont fatigue my back. The light is the best in the whole house thanks to the corner windows and has always been assigned the stitchy place. The little jewelry box was given to me as a kid and I store needlework tools inside, the necklace  hooks work great for scissors ;) 
Sadly the big antique trunk holding all the Miras has moved to the basement for now, I say sadly cuz I'd like to keep all the stitchy stuff together in one area, but nothing's gonna hurt it where it is, and it fits the decor downstairs as well. 
Hopefully, I can test the space properly this weekend....


Bea said...

What a lovely spot! Now you just have to make sure you don't get distracted by the view.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow what an amazing nook you've created. I would be too distracted by the beautiful view...I'm easily distracted though. I hope it works for you.
xo Alicia

Winefred Willow said...


I cross stitch a lot of mirabilia but I really want to start getting into conversions to a larger degree. I was wondering if you came up with the boy in the Romance of Sharon? Is there anywhere that I could find the pattern of him for my own version? Do you have any advice for creating my own men for future projects?

Kate said...

Thank you Bea and Alicia, it does get distracting but only if there's something out of place out there, lol.
Winefred, I am the one who created the man in "Romance" Rose of Sharon, I havent gotten around to putting him in the blog yet but his day will come. As for advice, keep drawing and keep playing with threads, men seem to be harder to make in stitching than women but it's all just squares really.