Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lammas conversion

Since this weekend was the holiday of Lammas, what better time to work on my conversion for that holiday. It seems an age ago that she was started, at least a decade, and other projects took precedence. But not on her day, that would be insulting ;). So here's a starter pic, as you can see she hasnt even gotten "out of bed" yet, but it wont take long to get her set up and ready. I really miss working on my Celtics. Even when blessed with other
beautiful projects to work on, they still tug that it should be they who get my time! So I need to come up with a system to balance it out, yet when time is sparse it doesnt work. 
 Besides, the last few days have been mogged down in My Lady's Garden (of Endless confetti) and I could use a switch to a fast-moving wip. But I did get my mini goal done, which was all the flowers above the urn totally finished. I just wont think about the fact that there's a whole bunch more on the other side of the picture lol.


Bea said...

I really like the colours you're using. I think time, or more correctly the lack of, is a complaint most of us have. So many wonderful projects, so much gorgeous fabric and floss!

Kate said...

Lol, we're all the same boat arent we ;)