Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fab Feb...

and now it's here. Start-itis is still running rampant around here, but I have specific days for specific new starts in Feb, so no pics of those just yet, but the final new start for January was a cutesy kitty design that will be gifted on
It is sweet and the specialty stitches are always fun. Hopefully it doesnt take long either.
Plans for Feb? Typically it usually is a "finish it" month, but then Ive never been very good about that, so.... hmmm. For what it's worth I did get out the box of wips that have major progress, and maybe one of those could be a contender, but Im not doing any pressure. Since January seemed to focus on HAEDs, Im turning some attention to a different style of project.
Which brings me to my latest discovery and actual excitement to start a project, and they are the Hannah-Alexander Mucha Disney Princesses. Huge, lots of bling, and the quarter stitches/backstitching level of a TW project, but oh the beauties that they are! What I dont like is they are limited editions, boo. Merida and Esmeralda are my favs so it is they who will get the green light. 
I was hoping to start them in a couple weeks but another bomb got dropped in my stitchy universe, and that was a post that HAED might soon drop Laurie Prindle as one of thier artists. Now I suffered to learn afterwards that Nene Thomas was gone, and so many charts I hadnt gotten of hers, that I swore I would not repeat that scenario if I could possibly avoid it! So, if you happen to be a fan of Prindle's gorgeous horses, get em while you can! It would be so great if charts were not limited editions or unavailable, cuz so many times that's happened that I cant get one I just love. 
It has been quite a journey so far in 2016, and I really look forward to what all I can make out of Feb.... but wish me luck anyway ;)


Heather said...

They have a 20% off sale now! Great new start I'm interested to see what you choose next :)

Melinda Forbes said...

I quickly googled Hannah-Alexander Mucha Disney Princesses. I love these. Since Merida is my favorite too, fingers crossed you pick her first. I will love to watch your WIPS on your blog. They look so very intense for myself.

Bea said...

Enjoy your stitching - sounds very intense! Hope you get the charts you want before they're gone.

Susan said...

The Princesses are beautiful. Fortunately, not something that I have any place or one to stitch them for (my budget just sighed a huge sigh of relief!!), but looking forward to seeing which one you pick and your progress.

Brigitte said...

Great little needle roll that you started here. Although needle rolls are not so popular any more I still love them a lot and stitch one every now and then.
You are right, It's such a pity when charts are limited edition or when they are OOP and not re-printed after a while. I have been sorry about this not only once. But then I say there are so many other designs out there, I will find something else. Maybe even in my stash, lol.

Kate said...

Thank you everyone! Merida is also my favorite and I plan to start her first, and Esmeralda next, hopefully soon. ..
If I were to keep the kitty project I would make it a needle roll, but the recipient is more of a picture person
; )