Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guilt-Free January....

Is fast approaching... The 1 month a year where stitchers world-wide join in a free-for-all of starting as many projects as they feel like without any guilt whatsoever. As an impulsive starter this is my favorite theme of the entire year. But the last few years have been rather 'dry' and I didnt participate mostly cuz I didnt have the time to stitch the ones I did have going. Not that this round is any different lol, but it would be nice to get back into the groove I had before the job pretty much took over. So this year should be different!!!! I still have Mediterranian Mermaid and Shakespeare fairies waiting to start, and they're the ones I've been holding out on cuz Pearls isnt done. Yet. But doubtfully done before xmas. But if it's Guilt-free... Lol, so hard to convince myself!
Today I got to dig thru a few projects and there's a bunch of Mirabilias ready to go as well as some Jeanette Douglas samplers to play with. It's hard to say what mood January will find me in with so many possiblities-- I just hope it's a good mood cuz of time to actually work on the fun stuff....

For progress, Samhain has her basic gown colors figured out, the sleeve, bodice, and part of the skirt is done, but only a few hours progress. Still, she will be beautiful. But that's the only progress Nov. saw. December probably wont be much better, at least till xmas is over.