Monday, December 14, 2009

Things are beginning to look stitchy....

I might actually get to enjoy the Holidays this year cuz of some time off coming up then. :D !! Painting orders are finished, and there's just the usual rampant chaos at work to deal with. Other than that, most of the xmas shopping left to do...
but once the shopping is outta my hair, the time is pretty much mine to enjoy!!
So I'm hoping to get that outta my hair this week!
Then I'm feeling like working on a Xmas project, and there are several waiting to choose from, and only one of them is started

1. Celtic Xmas- started several years ago.
2. Santa's Majic- waiting, kitted up for the last few years
3. Royal Holiday -needs everything but the chart
4. Heirloom Xmas Sampler- needs fabric and floss, have the accessory pack.
5. Christmas Flourishes- needs everything but chart

These are all designs I never grow tired of but have not yet started. As much as I love Xmas, real Xmas with family and food and warm fuzzies- not commercialized 'gimme-gimmee' Xmas, you would think there would be more Xmas projects floating around here. But truth is the Xmas spirit always hits me late, like 2 weeks or less before Xmas- so to drag out a project during that rush hasnt happened yet.But maybe this year since Xmas lands perfectly to suit my work schedule :D....