Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guilt-Free January!!!

Now run around in circles doing an insane-looking happy dance! Lol. that is what GFJ feels like. But I havent picked up a needle yet so hmmmm. But the contenders are Med Mermaid and Shakespeare Fairies for sure. I have thier working copies done up and I think the fabric is ready, not sure, lol can't remember from last time I did fabric hemming.
2009 progress report: Saw the completion of Jeanette Douglas "Great Lakes Lowland Sampler" with modifications that I added in. WIPs "Pacific Rim Sampler" by Jeanette Douglas; "Ashley's Roses", "Fairy Idyll" and "Mermaid of the Pearls" by Mirabilia; and my conversions of MLI's Celtic Ladies to "Lammas," "Beltane" all saw progress to varying degrees. Mermaid of the Pearls saw the most progress of all.
New Starts for 2009 were Mirabilia's "Bluebeard's Princess" amd my conversion of MLI's Celtic Autumn to "Samhain". So even though it doesnt seem like much to write about it was still time that I actually spent doing this hobby ;)

As for 2010 so far, Pearls did see all of 5 minutes progress, every little bit counts lol. I need better lighting to do more progress, it's beginning to affect my sight doing tiny work such as stitchin. My lamps were clepto'ed a long time ago so the last couple years have been sans extra light-- and I can really notice it now. So better nip that in the bud. Maybe an OTT light? :D


MysteryKnitter said...

Maybe. You must solve the light issue on your own.