Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's official....

...Guilt-Free January is carpum dium! Even if so far it's just one new start, Mediterranian Mermaid to be exact, it still means I got to participate this year :D. I think she might work up quickly, which is good news, and she's in the travel bag for those rare occasions at work when I can get some time doing stitchin. Tomorrow I plan to dig thru some of the other designers and see what grabs my attention- Lately it's been Mirabilia central round here, so I'm thinking it'd be fun to start a dragon... Lord, all those colors and blends that come with a TW! You would think that a hobby as portable as stitchin I could set up anywhere, and in the daytime it's fine but I rarely get chances like that--in the evenings when I could (and should)stitch, the lighting is terrible since I lost both my lamps. So I need to get some better lighting, even a task lamp would help and they're not expensive. With a TW and all the fractionals, better lighting is a must. And that's on my short list.
The TW that I'd like to start is Fortunate Traveler, I know I have fabric for it but it's been so long I cant remember if I have the floss as well. If not, I'll dig out Storyteller or Celestial Dragon even though they're both started. CD is going on 10 years now, and the year of the dragon is coming up again lol, it probably won't be finished by then either. But who cares, if it was a race you bet on the wrong horse ;).
Update: It turns out I don't have the floss for Traveler, oh well. One of these days I'll haveta make a kit-up list. It totally and completely sucks that Walmart doesnt carry floss anymore, that was so convenient. Because now it's just dangerous to get it from a needlework store-- too many temptations lurk within lol!!