Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lol, it's beginning to show symtoms round here! Contenders are: Mirabilia: Queen Mermaid, Crystal Symphony, Blossom Harvest, Forest Goddess, and several others that just need fabric or kreiniks. And TW's Fortunate Traveler is a long-time contender.
But am sticking to Ireland till she gets enuf progress for a pic, likewise with Samhain, and Rose Celebration gets turns in something of a rotation till the Mira BB contest is over. Ireland is coming along, I would like to get her letters started and more of the horse done as well. The colors are working together nicely so far, and Im happy with how it's turning out. Samhain is the travel project and currently is getting her face put on lol, in over-one. I need to tweek some colors on that conversion as well, but this hasnt been the week for it, due to a crazy work schedule. So Ireland, being the easiest WIP, has any hope of progress at the end of a long day. Hopefully things settle down soon and I can enjoy progress like I was seeing a month ago. This weekend looks to be a good opportunity to catch up on what all didnt get done during this week.
I hope to start a more formal rotation this winter and see how it goes, so more projects get attention.
My next endevour is to start collecting hand-dyed fabrics, in colors to suit Mirabilias since I tend to use solids for samplers and TWs, and my Celtics are all kitted anyway.


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time.