Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was in the lns today, to get beads for Celtic Spring (my Beltane) and although I found them, I'm not crazy about them. I got others also, in colors I thought suited better, and got it configured out what I'll be subbing around. Lol, this is where it gets hairy, as I went and added extra beads to my Mabon and Imbolc. So for the most part, Beltane's beads are gonna be scrambled.
While I was there they also had all the Xmas and Winter finished models up on the wall, and I saw MLI's "Ice Angel" in real life. Holy cow, I've had that chart for years with the idea that someday I'd start it. Who knew it was so gorgeous and blingy! It was done on a pale blue solid fabric, which complimented it very nicely. I 'm pretty sure that's how I'll make mine as well, as a hand-dyed, much as I love em, would maybe compete with all the beads and glitter of her gown. But I'll hold judgement till I play on the fabric veiwer. But if I do decide for a solid, I have tons of blue colors in my stash that might suit perfectly, so kitting her would be easy. I also got the remainder of the "Starquest Purple" brittney, which I found out is by Zweigart :) . Good to know. I may use it for Passione Ricomo's "Winter Beauty Princess" cuz it looks to work with her as well. So a very good stash day. My order hasnt come in the mail yet, probably not till after Xmas cuz of the holidays, but ya never know. That should be fun too, now that I'm no longer stash-starved it's been fun catching up with projects I've had forever waiting to be kitted. I plan to have a very fun GFJ in 2011.