Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What 2011 may bring...

and here is where it gets crazy lol. I've been stitching for 12 years now, and it tends to go in phases for me throughout the year, spring is usually getting the garden ready and working with the horses again, so not much stitching happens then, especially when there's young horses needing extra miles and attention. Mid-summer when it gets hot stitching stands a chance cuz it's too hot to do anything but stay indoors. Stitching picks back up in the fall somewhat and after Xmas progress is seen. This year I'm not taking violin lessons so that has freed up my spare time but at the same time, I really miss it! I plan to catch up in a couple years, either the teacher has to lower prices or I haveta find a new one. So this winter looks like stitching can really blast off. And that 11 in 2011 idea has really caught my attention but I havent found any more details on it. Perhaps I can make it my own style. The trouble is those months I don't get a chance to stitch are hard to catch up on. Like the Mirabilia monthly themes I didnt get to last year or the year before, it's more than likely the same thing will happen again. But it'd still be fun to try. Designers would be Mirabila, MLI, Teresa Wentzler, Jeanette Douglas, Joan Elliot, Sweethart Tree, Victoria Sampler, Dimensions GOld, and I'd need to figure out 3 more lol. But time is what goes against me to cram all that into time I do stitch.
But, starting 11 more projects would be fun just for the helluva it ;)