Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IHSW is coming!

..and I cant wait! So much planning about projects I wanna start is finally gonna have an opportunity to put into action. My fibers for Drawn Thread's "Sanctuary" have arrived, as well as my HAEDs from the last sale, which only need their fabric cut and hemmed to be ready to go. The HAED contenders are "Hands of the Fiddler" by Holly Durr, "Fallen Angel" and "Belezza Fiero" by Prindle. So not sure which will be started first there, as they are rather sentimental peices- Fiddler cuz it reminds me of my 96 year old grandpa who was a fiddler and wore shirts like that but passed away years before I was even born, and I'm the only violin player in the family since. The horse ones are nearly identical (sans wings lol) to horses I raised and now ride so I just love those too.
The Daylight lamp has been replaced and being thoroughly enjoyed, what was I doing fumbling around without one all these years?? Skiyu is slowly growing but now that I have the rest of her floss that should help speed things up... IHSW here I come :D


Kate said...

You look set to have a very busy weekend - cant wait to see what you choose to do.

Susan said...

Looking forward to seeing your choice for IHSW. I have great plans for stitching, but I'm sure something else will get in the way.

MysteryKnitter said...

I hope you can stitch.