Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ISHW report

Well,,,,, I dont have much to report for this ISHW as far as progress goes. The weekend was so nuts and busy that I didnt get much chance to sit still to do enuf on any of the WIPs to warrant a pic,,, but I did do a little on Mary Wigham wardrobe, and got a Bunch of fabric cut, serged and gridded for some new HAEDs, and thier floss sorted. So all in all even though there wasnt alot of stitchin going on I got thru the prep work so now bring on anything ;)
Last nite I started "Belezza Fiero" by Pridle, the newest HAED in my lineup. Only I will call it Pheonix since it's exactly like my horse lol. Hopefully have enuf progress to show soon.... Thanks for stopping by, now I'm off to read how ISHW went for everyone else :D


Diane (di) said...

Kate, all that prep work counts, too. :) Looking forward to seeing your 'Phoenix' WIP.

Susan said...

Prep work definitely counts. I find that it just sets the mood for stitching and is actually one of my favorite steps.

nikkin said...

Way to go on all the prep work, now the fun begins! Can't wait for photos!
I've given you the Liebster award!


Joysze said...

We love pics.. ANY stitching warrants a pic. ;)