Friday, March 23, 2012

TGIF! was kind enuf to give me a Leibster award, thank you! But since I rather suck at techie things and cant choose just 5 favorites that I read, well that puts me in a pickle lol. Suffice it to say I love what the blogging world has to offer stitchers (and anyone really) for bringing people together to inspire and encourage. I love seeing all the pics people share, their wit and wisdom, and finding new blogs to follow. IHSW has been a boom for leading me to new blogs and it has been so awesome "meeting" new people with the same interest. I really cant choose just 5 cuz I love reading them all!
But in case you're interested in 5 weird things about me lol
1. I abhor horror, gorey, and evil suspense movies. Basically if it doesnt have a happy or at least problem-resolved ending, I'm not interested
2. I have too many hobbies to list and love adding more.
3. There isnt a force on earth that would make me move into a city again. I love the country and need my wide open spaces
4. I was homeschooled, won a scholarship at 14 and earned a degree before my diploma. But I hated not being around other people so I graduated a year early so I could get a job
5. I hate sitting still in meetings and seminars- I always bring a notebook so I can amuse myself with doodling!

now that a crazy weekend is here I hope to get some stitching done, but I wonder!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on your award!

Joysze said...

Oh, I'm with you... I don't like those movies either. Yech!!!

Anne said...

Congrats!! I hate those movies too! Blech!!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy about that scholarship thing.