Thursday, November 29, 2012


Ive been doing research for a floor stand, and thinking maybe the Lowery?? It's come time after 14 years of stitching lol. Mostly since Ive been using the magnifyer light and any wiggling of the wip makes my eyes screwy, so I dont get alot done cuz I hold the wip myself. But I put a scroll bar set-up under it and while that was somewhat better as far as less movement, the fabric tension sucks on the ones I have so I miss my Qsnaps. Middy is coming back off the scroll bars after only 1 day cuz I just hate the floppiness of the fabric, ugh. So dear readers, if any of you have floor stands, what do you like about them and what do you recommend?


Susan said...

I invested in a Needlework System 4 stand about 5 years ago and could not be happier. It is well made, flips easily from front to back, and it is sturdy. I usually have 36" scroll rods on it and it doesn't wobble at all. The only negative is that it is expensive, but I owned two stands before this that I wasn't that thrilled with, between the two I spent at least as much as this one and I won't be needing a new stand in years, if ever.

Anne said...

My stand did not flip easily, so starting and ending was terrible trouble. I rather love to hold my fabbie by hand. Good luck and I hope you find the stand that's best for you!! :)

Kate said...

Thanks Ladies for your insight. I dunno what to do here lol, but Im gonna check out the NS 4. I can never make my stitching look right without something to stretch the fabric, but I admire those who can!

The Crafty Princess said...

Good question I have alot of BAPS on 36 inch scrolls and also have dramas with loose fabric. I think I'll check out the Needlework System 4. Thanx
Alicia xo