Saturday, December 1, 2012

So here's the scoop...

.. after much deliberation, and not jumping into any sort of choice regarding the new start to celebrate finishing Beltane, it has finally hit me what it will be. No need for a drumroll lol... It's actually one of my oldest charts that's been waiting around- Rose of Sharon by Mirabilia. However, 2 major concerns with it- not crazy about yellow or the confetti rose greenery she's playing with. So major changes to it coming down the pipe and I hope to get it rolling before XMAS. Tomorrow I'll see if I have any fabric suitable and then I'll get floss hunting. As for other WIPs, Middy is still on the scroll bars cuz I havent taken her off em yet, but her wings are done, yay- big goal done there- now I just gotta battle the over-one skin on 32ct, Daylight Magnifyer to the rescue! It's been so crazy this week that I've needed a stitchy fix worse than ever! "Lammas" got some progress but Middy got the most. I'll post a pic up tomorrow when the light is better on her wings. Tomorrow also promises to be a serene peaceful totally lazy day and I plan to be parked right in front of the stitching and tune the whole world out, cuz Monday the crazy starts all over again!


Bikegirl said...

Oh that sounds nice, I really like thay chart too. Please post a pic when you finalize the floss toss, I would love to see what other colours you can do it in! I hope you and all your horses are well!