Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guilt Free January

is coming!!! how awesome is that? Seriously it's the coolest thing ever cuz Im not bothered by guilt to start with lol. But I dont know what the contenders will be for new starts, cuz its been rather crazy round here; therefore no chance to go dig and see what I have and what is needed. But in the next few days I plan to fix that! I probably wont go overboard though cuz Im having fun with the wips Im already doing and have made a goal of making progress on my Celtic ladies, especially the LOTR conversions cuz I found some really cool bling for them and I wanna see how that looks.
And now Xmas is over but the 12 Days of it are still going. And it never fails my xmas spirit doesnt kick in till xmas is all managed and taken care of so I can actually enjoy it, so usually xmas eve is when I start thinking "it'd be fun to work on a xmas design cuz I can relax!" Now I love xmas designs but have never started one so that's a priority for this GFJ . But choosing?? The charts I have are Nora R's reindeer, Santa'Majic, and several Victorian Sampler ones, (Gingerbread House and some Villiage sampler ones) and I love em all. Which would you choose? ;) 


demeter83 said...

LOTR conversion? I've completely missed that... tell me more!

Susan said...

Minus Nora's reindeer and Santa's Magic (which is a WIP), I have the same Christmas charts in my want-to-start pile. I am leaning towards the VS Gingerbread pieces for me, but you have some large WIPs maybe the reindeer as they could be quick finishes.

Kate said...

Awesome list Susan, great minds think alike ;)! I like the idea that they would be quick finishes..
demeter83, the LOTR conversions were a pet project I started back in 2005 (lol I know!!). The pics were on Webshots but probly gone with thier switch-over Im guessing. But now the Celtics box is by my stitchy area so I can work on em again. They are my fav conversions Ive ever tried