Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

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visit Heart Touching images  Im hopeful that 2013 will really be this sweet! And if it's not, then chocolate will help fix that Im sure ;). I've decided not to make ANY long term stitchy goals this round- time always gets away on me and then it doesnt happen. So "Living in the Moment" is my theme for stitching this year ;). I did decide to go with the Nora Reindeer for my GFJ starts, thank you Susan for your pointing out they'd be quick finishes! And today I got thier fabric before the lns closed, it's Mississippi blue hand-dyed linen (I think by wichelt) and I got enuf for the set so the dyelot wouldnt be different, and it's a swirly purple and blue and the browns look wonderful on it. But they still need thier stuff so I wont start them for awhile. Tonight to ring in the new year we will be watching Lord of the Rings lol, and I'll be mapping out some stuff for the Celtic ladies. It always helps to be inspired and I wanna see who makes more of an inpression- Eowen's feminism or Arwen's sacrifice- to see who comes outta the WIP box first. Yes they're both in there, 2 of each waiting for some progress and no longer being quiet about it! And that'll be my New Year's Day stitching project... So,,, any of you who are going out tonight, please stay safe!


Bea said...

Sounds like good plans for New Year's Eve. Enjoy your stitching and hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you.

Anne said...

Great idea! Chocolate always makes my day, and year!! Happy New Year! :)

~Narita said...

Happy New Years!
p.s. I enjoyed looking through your blogs. Thank you for following mine :)

Susan said...

Those strawberries are very tempting! I like the "living in the moment" stitching theme, I'm a bit more structured, but not a lot. Who won - Eowen or Arwen? A happy and healthy new year to you and yours.

Kate said...

Thanks for the New Year wishes! :) Y'all are the best!