Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not a stitchy pic but a Happy Dance just the same!

Finally this is seeing a Happy Dance! This is Hub's xmas gift from last year, which sat around a whole year waiting for me to get the oil paints out again (that's a process due to the nature of it and having pets and ppl traffic). But today was the day it finally got finished and the light and shadows got slapped on today. More details see here  which is my artist's blog. I haveta take a break from stitchin cuz painting needs to be done for This year's gift and oil paints and stitching dont get along well in the same area! In fact I shudder at the thought of playing in both cuz one can be messy! But with ISHW coming, I will go out with a bang lol!
 But I hope to get thru the next paintings quickly and back into the threads once I get to the "wait and dry" phase.... Thanks for stoppin by  and Happy Hermitting


Susan said...

WOW! What a great painting. So jealous of people that can paint. My painting ability does not go beyond walls.