Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hiatus is over!

My apologies to being out of the loop for so long! It was bar none the craziest autumn and winter EVER in 2013! What I thought would be a slow autumn- and therefore letting me go back to school while our house was being built- snowballed into a merry go round of chaos lol. Not only those 2 things going on but the hubby got a new job and for bio-security reasons could no longer work in our hog facilities. So that left me to manage it all solo, in the midst of shipping market hogs and getting little nursery pigs in. OIY! I was also working full time from July to Oct and had to ease off that once class started in Oct. We were sposed to move into the new house by Thanksgiving, but building took longer so we managed to get in just 3 days before xmas- so a very wonderful xmas even if we're still 'camping' somewhat lol. But the good news is school is done and passed with flying colors (cna course) so now we're ready for any issues the inlaws may develop in thier health concerns where such knowlege will be needed. The pigs are still alot of daily work but not near what they were as little babies, ugh. But still, I keep telling myself it pays bills and buys stash lol. The house is getting there, next week the carpenters come to start framing the basement so that will be cool. Through all the chaos I hardly stitched at all but now I have a few days where I hope to make up for it! Guilt Free January is coming...... :)


Susan said...

You have been busy. Hopefully you can carve out a few hours for you soon.

Kate said...

thanks Susan!

MysteryKnitter said...

Your life has been such a whirlwind. I hope it calms down a bit and you will get some time to stitch.