Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 is here!

and so many stitchy plans, as usual. The trick is seeing them come to fruition. By that I mean time to get to do all the ones I wanna, lol.
This little fairy has waited 12 years to get arms lol, cuz I started her 12 years ago and put her aside cuz the over-one skin on 32ct Permin drove me nuts! But it was meant to be that she sat that long, over the summer of 2013 I decided she needed a violin and picked her up again. So in 3 sessions she got her violin and arms and now the hard parts are over. The wings are 98% done so the rest of her should work up quickly.

 And this is the first start of 2014, Adia by Nora Adams/Mirabilia, on a Silkweaver solo. The look I wanted was an autumny forest kind of vibe, and this does the trick. Other starts I'd like to do are Siren & Shipwreck, Percephony, and Queen of Peace. I dont have the other stuff unpacked yet so maybe others but for now it's such a treat just to finally stitch again!! Thanks for stopping by! :)  


Bernice Geroulis said...

She is so beautiful love the violin

Faith... said...

She is beautiful!