Friday, January 10, 2014

snowy icy day

It's one of those round here, we came out of a severe cold snap and when the temps rose we got sleet. So school's dismissed early, crockpot's full of homemade soup and Im just enjoying the quiet while I can before having to go out in it for chores. In stitchy news, I've been playing with threads the last few days and working on my own designing endevours. I also went thru some of the boxes of stash waiting for a more dignified storage solution lol, but as of yet they dont have one so boxes it still is. Trouble is I wanna work on everything  and start everything else lol just cuz it's been a long interval that I couldnt stitch. I also realized I never posted pics of the finished Mediterranian Mermaid by Mirabila and the changes she got, though facebook has pics I had forgotten for here. So without further ado, here she is from being finished in Sept '13. Her changes she recieved were extra bling- swarovski crystals for her fin, freshwater pearls for the jar she holds, and peridot stones for her crown and shoulder drape, and extra beads everywhere in general lol. I also slimmed her waist down and backstitched with 356 cuz I didnt like the dark brown to outline her skin. I loved working on her, she was a fast finish. Next I need to find a frame for her and get that done. But in the meantime I better go sink some threads... thanks for stoppin by


~Narita said...

I love your mermaid and your fairy. Oh and I love your blogs, so much!!!

I also wish you lived closer to me. We could have so much fun together with your horses and our stitching. I had my own horse for 13 years growing up. Rode him everywhere!

Thank you for leaving me a message, it was really nice to see you there. I'm so sporatic with my comments and paying attention to my blog. (Its especially hard nearing Christmas since I try to make a lot of my gifts.)
Then I get out of the habit of posting...

Now I am like you, wanting to work on everything :)

Email me if you can, it would be wonderful to be friends with you.

Happy New Year, I'm sure it will be better than last year was.


Susan said...

Beautiful finish. Your additions are perfect (as usual). Hope the ice has thawed - snow is good, ice is not.

The Crafty Princess said...

If you're going to make changes extra bling is always a good way to go! She looks stunning. Congrats on a beautiful and unique finish!
Alicia xo

Thea Wilson said...

Your mermaid is totally STUNNING!

MysteryKnitter said...

She is gorgeous.