Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring madness continues

and the weather is more wintry than springlike today, brr! It snowed yesterday and today the wind is fierce, so a good day to get curled up with a project! The Chatelaines have been brought out finally, yay for that, and I went thru the entire box to see what status they were all at. I was very pleasantly suprised to find I had (most of) the fibers for Egypt, last I checked it was stalled after doing the fishpond cuz of missing the next colors. But they were tucked away in the wrong project so mustve gotten it mixed up years back when I ordered them. So yesterday was spent making the flowers by the fish pond, I love how they glow! Persian Iris Garden is also waiting its turn, as is Swan Lake. Leporello and Mermaid box are waiting to be started, and Greek just needs a few fibers to go. The rest of my collection is at various stages of kitting, but not close to a start, I need to stitch faster!
Ireland Celtic lady is still on the big Qs by my chair. Last time she got some attention the horse got some more of his rug done. The light there is so perfect cuz there is a window in each corner there, and the chair sits between so Im never working in shadows as long as the sun is out. Slowly but surely the perfect stitchy place is taking form, by next winter I hope to have it finished and ready for another season...


~Narita said...

OH WOW!!!!!!!
Lots of Chatelaines!
You know she is my favorite designer.
I can't wait to see you progresses. I really ought to settle down and write to you, you've very much been on my mind!!!!!!

Susan said...

Beautiful. Egypt is one of the two large Chats I've finished and the colors just get better and better. My Persian is about where yours is.

The Crafty Princess said...

I love them. I have Polar Lights but yet to find the courage to attempt it. Looking forward to all your progress on these beautiful wips.
Alicia xo

Kate said...

Thank you for all the compliments! Polar Lights is om my wishlist! well lol they all are really but i love the animals in that one.
Been thinking about you too Narita! Hope all is well there!
I cant wait to go see your Persian Iris Susan!

Faith... said...

Beautiful stitching - Egypt looks great!