Sunday, January 18, 2015

January IHSW

So glad to finally join in on Hermitting!

My only goal for this weekend was to finish the persian rugs on Persian Iris Garden, by Chatelaine. Gah they seemed to take forever and a whole skien of 761 too. But they do look so pretty, still waiting for beads though- to determine if the green ''circles" wont look so harsh once the beads are put nearby. (I plan to bead the Iris motifs by the pillars) No sense adding more if they are to be ripped out in favor of something I like better, so for now PIG will take a rest and I have no clue what will get a turn next.
 Being it's also Guilt-Free January,,,,, I'd love to make a new start but thus far havent even had a chance to think about what it would be, other than Greek Mandela, but there again waiting on supplies for it. Im so hoping this week stuff will come.
 And now for the best part of IHSW, browsing all the other blogs, see y'all real soon! :)


Deb said...

Very pretty work!!

Bea said...


Marcy said...

Lovely. I'm sure the beads will add to it.

alisha said...

Hi Kate
I'm wondering if you can help me? I am looking for a cape conversion for Lavender and Lace Celtic ladies. my search lead me to a site where you had commented and left a link however the link is broken. I was wondering if you can help.

Kate said...

sure thing! Are you on facebook? There is a group there called Cross Stitch Conversions. They have my cape and many other conversions there and the people are wonderful

alisha said...

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. xx

Susan said...

Very pretty. Didn't those rugs take FOREVER!?!? I thought I was never going to finish. I had to go look at my WIP photo but the green circles don't look too bad one they are filled in.

Fidike Mamivonat said...

Wow, so beautiful!