Monday, August 10, 2015

Celtic Ladies

Well it seems Im taken hostage by these beauties once more. Samhain is now on a set of Qs and her lettering is underway, as is Lammas'. Lammas had to let one of her sisters get a session though but she's staying on a Q's cuz I'll be getting back to her shortly. Dont they look well together?

At the moment, Samhain was calling for her special additions, so since I had most of the afternoon to spend on it, am happy to say Samhain has all her features added in. Though I do love the cat that others have done, cats are from a later time period than what my Celtic ladies feature.  My choice for her is the Raven- long associated with the Spirit realm and mysticism in the Celtic regions and since Samhain is all about spirits and ancestors that is what I will have for her. She also carries a pumpkin, and thanks to today's progress Im farther along than the first time I did this Lady and my real cat shredded her in a jealous fit that I was gone working too much. The only issue I have is with her shawl, I think the brown dmc just blahs the overdyed thread Im using for it so tomorrow when the light is better I'll play around with better options or scrap the idea if nothing looks right. But I think a better color might save it (and alot of frogging lol) and I really want it for the border so there's my motivation lol. Thanks for stoppin by :)


Bea said...

Those pieces go SO well together and they are both equally lovely.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your Celtic conversions and really enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing about the colour and design decisions.