Monday, August 17, 2015

World Stitching Day and IHSW Part I

Friday being World Stitch Day I made great efforts to get some threads sunk into Samhain. The frog managed to drop by, so I had alot of catching up to do to fix it, and not all of it is yet but the wording is done and that was my goal. I plan to take her to a lns to see what hand-dyeds will work better for her shawl, if any exist lol. Oranges and purples together doesnt seem to be a popular combo in fibers.

  Then for IHSW Lammas was to get a session for her letters and I didnt quite get them all done but she'll stick around till they are. After that, I'm not sure which project to work on or if it'll still be these 2. They are still small enough to travel and with school starting soon there'll be opportunities to work on them rather than waiting bored out of my skull.
   I'm just not sure, I'm ready for something to be finished but then again I'm not cuz they wind up in a drawer for so long afterwards (Beltane & Mediterranean Mermaid are still waiting for frames :/ ) But that's a good winter project that this winter will hopefully take care of. One of these days I should take inventory of all the "more than half-finished wips" and go from there. For now though, it's off to see how IHSW went for everybody else.... :)


Esmeralda said...

wow lovely project and colours
It will be stunning when it has been finished

Karen said...

Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing a finish.

Bea said...

Obviously a well spent IHSW. Both projects are coming along so well.

Fidike Mamivonat said...

Oh, these celtic ladies are just beautiful!

Susan said...

Great progress. Love the color combinations for each of them.

The Crafty Princess said...

A mighty effort for IHSW! Sorry to hear about the frog visit though. They are beautiful ladies
xo Alicia