Sunday, August 30, 2015

So,,,,, it's been awhile

and I have a bit of progress to report and hope also to catch up on what's going on in Blogger-land. This Lovely Lady's post was on my blog newsfeed this morning so I had to investigate... If you havent yet, check her out  she makes gorgeous fibers, cute charts and fabric, and does alot of giveaways, some are going on right now so best of luck to the entries!
The garden has exploded the last couple weeks and every other day it's been canning something or other- winter is going to seem shorter having a bit of summer in the pantry ;). But it's also seriously crunched any stitchy time.
  In stitchin, Lammas was getting her lettering but needs to be moved on her qsnaps, instead I dug out Arwen & Aragorn, and as you see he's had some work done on his armor, which is my goal to finish that section this round. Pretty straightforward stuff, no confetti but alot of metallics. They've taken over as the travel project so will be sticking around for awhile. The call of beading is strong so Im trying to finish areas on them in order to add some bling, and there just arent enough hours in a day........But today the garden is silent, it's somewhat misty and so therefore Im spending the day with the Royal couple and see about some progress beyond the "before" picture....

an update,,, here is the "during"

and finally, the goal met! His armor is done and now just the cape and boots to do for him. He is 98% metallics for what you see here, only his skin, hair and the red shirt are floss, and a bit of floss in the chain mail, so it was a marathon effort lol! The backstitching really pops it up I think....Thanks for stopping by!


Susan said...

Your projects never cease to amaze me!!!

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Kate, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your nice comment to me in StitchWizard. It means so much knowing that you like my stitching and I would love to invite you to join me in The Stitchwizard in Instagram and I am Debby Littlefield in Google Plus too. I have two women who are just really negative coming in and need to just eliminate them in my life by going where I have the option of blocking. Your stitching is beautiful as is your blog too. I will continue to visit blogs and make comments, just stop posting things in my own blog. Thank you so much. Debby

Tracy J said...

This is outstanding! So talented.