Monday, September 21, 2015


I had big plans for this weekend on how much progress was to happen- only to watch that idea mock me as the weekend went by. My fault on that cuz paints took me hostage Saturday evening instead of threads..see the bottom of this post to see what I was doodling Saturday nite, should curiousity get you lol. Still, there was a bit of stitchy time and Samhain got it. She needed, (and still does regarding her shawl) some frogging and fixing in the borders and motifs, which now I can say line up as they should. I also beefed up the Raven so he didnt look so small but he still needs some detailing. Probably the most noticable progress was all the gold added- for whatever reason once I get that done the rest moves quckly ( well for me anyway lol) and her goal now is to have enough done so that I can figure out the rest of the conversion, find her shawl colors and the beads she'll need. It'd be nice to do that in one trip if possible, so the lns looms in the distance as a goal. Lol such motivation ;)...
  So here she is, and now I must go see how IHSW went for everyone else. Thanks for stopping by!