Sunday, October 4, 2015

The start of Lithia..

As you can see, she's alot different from Summer as originally charted. But I think this scheme suits a Lithia representative alot better, being it's all about Summer Soltice, height of summer, sun god, and all that. Her hair though is Summer's original colors, which are actually darker than what I thought! Still, they fit in great with this conversion. I shall focus on her a bit longer, at least to get her face done. That only leaves Yule needing some fabric and getting started.... and she has special plans so I better get on this if I have any hope of finally completing the set. Still I've come to see that delays were actually blessings in disguise... all good things in thier own time.. Thanks for stopping by, a warm welcome to some new followers, and thank you to those who left comments, y'all are sweetharts :) 


Heather said...

She looks great :)

Honeybee said...

I love following along on your conversions. Love, love, LOVE conversions and yours are fantastic! And I'm really looking forward to seeing Yule.