Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time for a change. ..

Only to what precisely?
I've met the goal for the HAED challenge, and thought it would be great to start a new one. Only so much over 1 has me not interested in more of the same. At least for tonight because of the poor lighting in here. Still, mornings are great to get a little done, and there's several I really want to launch, maybe in a few weeks.
     For now, it's a good guess what will get some attention. The Mirabilias, the Chatelaines, and there's always the Celtic ladies vying for a chance.
   My brain is tired because of long days on the farm, and training Tango the Mustang has been the most relaxing thing all week.  (Lol the HAED was confetti, so not very relaxing at that; ) ) So with the challenge taken care of, I will take a break from the genre till it slows up a bit round here.
  But to choose is the best part. ..


Heather said...

I vote a Mira or a Celtic lady :). Have fun choosing!

Bea said...

I vote that you go back to your ladies!

Susan said...

Put the names in a hat and pick. You'll pick a winner every time!