Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guilt Free January... and HAEDs

has been here for nearly 3 weeks and I havent indulged! What is wrong with me??
 But what has been happening is a bit of organization, alot of planning, and alot of revisiting old WIPs that havent been played with since the move. Specifically the HAEDs and to a greater degree the TWs, have been sadly boxed since moving 3 years ago. Now with all the challenges on fb at least the Haeds are coming back to life, but the TWs are still waiting thier turn, hopefully the box comes off the shelf this week.
The Haed bug has bit hard, currently Gypsy Firefly is getting attention for the challenge. Nocturne is also on deck, and of course there's Winter Wings which has the most progress. Im no stranger to having Haeds, but working on them is becoming easier now that Ive made a stitchy place, and will be even better when I get a stand for the magnifyer light.
 In the midst of all this HAEDness are the ones from Kirsten that she never got to finish, and there are several. It was my goal this week to get them sorted and organized, and so far Queen of Hearts is ready to go. I hope it will be a smooth transition to pick up a project where someone left off, but she was very good at keeping her charts highlighted, so there's alot of hope. Next post I hope to include some pics of all this thread enmasse, and hopefully have some new starts to report... Thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...

Sounds busy over there!

Bea said...

Sometimes it takes a bit to get everything started. Sounds like lots of good stuff coming up.

Susan said...

Ohhhh, I love the planning and organizing phase of stitching.